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The latest products from ECORSON are presented below.


Interior dispersion paint that provides thermal insulation and sound-proof properties. Contains microsphere vacuum fillers with thermal conductivity of 0.055 W/mK. The presence of microspheres provides thermal insulation and prevents water vapour from depositing on the walls as they reduce the difference between the temperatures of the air and the walls. It results in reduction of wall moisture content, thus improving the resistance to fungi and moulds. Recommended when you want to reduce heat losses and moisture condensation, improve the thermal comfort, and increase the resistance to fungi and moulds.


MFA WHITE (white primer) can be used as a semi-opaque primer when diluted or as an opaque coating when applied without dilution. Intended for professional preparation of all kinds of indoor and outdoor substrates, in residential, industrial and public buildings. Can be applied manually (with a brush or a roller) or using spraying equipment. It is available in white, however, it can be optionally pigmented to match the topcoat paint in ecorson-color system. Multiple layers can be applied. The primer can be coated with all water-thinnable paints.


Fine-grained plaster providing a smooth texture thanks to specially selected grains. Contains silicon emulsions (organosilicon) which improve the permeability and hydrophobicity of the coating, microfilaments which improve the resistance to microcracks, and a system of microsphere fillers of a special structure in order to improve thermal insulation (energy efficiency).


Thin-layer and fine-grained next generation plaster based on a silicone resin (organosilicon), composed of selected grains with microfilaments added in order to improve its resistance to cracks. Characterised by a very delicate texture. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors to reinforced layers of thermal insulation, to mineral wool, polystyrene foam, concrete, cement plasters, and cement-lime plasters. Dried plaster creates a hydrophobic and water vapour permeable coating, protecting the building against moisture penetration and providing removal of water vapour (breathing). The abrasion resistance of the coating is improved as well. The plaster provides very good adhesiveness and optimal resistance to aggressive weather conditions.


Professional anti-reflective paint intended for ceilings and walls. It enables you to create a silky matt coating and provides optimal finishing without light reflections and roller marks. A great solution for large interiors where light may bring out uneven surfaces of walls and ceilings as it makes the surface visually even and uniform. Intended for indoor use, the paint allows you to keep the surface appealing and smooth. Perfect for refreshing and renovating interiors.


New decorative paint manufactured using an innovative technology. Three different bases are available: Silver, Aluminio and Multicolor Gold. Allows you to create various effects, different from previously available pearlescent decorations as it provides an intense afterglow even in the bottom, poorly lit parts of the walls, additionally providing a perfectly clear 3D brightening effect.


Provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage. Intended for substrates made of wood or wood imitation. Available in matt, satin, and glossy version.


A fashionable concrete effect applied to floors, used widely in interior designing or as an alternative for traditional tiles or a parquet. The finishing can be applied to the whole floor, we can also create natural expansion effects or various patterns, inscriptions, pits, and rubs. An original colour catalogue is available with the latest Marmo Concrete trends. The product can come in any colours.