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General application and painting principles

Colour selection part I

Part I of the guide on how to choose interior colors. Mood colors, their effect and use, Colour accompany us in our life as we use them to interpret the world around us, analyse the surroundings and ourselves. We react to colours at a physical, mental, and emotional level, whether we are aware of it or not. They affect our perception, for example a red room appears to be smaller than a blue one. They also affect the way we feel about what we see. It is related to physical reactions and psychological associations we develop since infancy. Some emotions can be expressed with a certain set of colours – we should bear that in mind while designing our interiors. Moreover, an analysis of the colour wheel will provide us with basic knowledge on their correlations.

Colour selection part II

FENG SHUI in households

Intuition helps us perceive the reality around us correctly. Nature prepared us to use our instinct and react properly. It is only up to us whether we choose to listen to the voice from within and trust it. If you do not sleep well, wake up tired, stressed, and sleep does not give you rest without any physical or mental basis for such pathology, take a closer look at the location of your bed (whether there are no mirrors, ledges, beams, heavy decorations, curtains, dark and overwhelming colours, or no electronics close to your bed, check cardinal directions and location of windows, doors, etc.).