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Dispensing all pigments simultaneously. UNICA is equipped with a system of stainless steel pumps. The standard configuration consists of 16 2- and 1-litre canisters made from POM material. Every canister is equipped with an independently driven stirrer. A manually controlled shelf covers the dispensing nozzle automatically with a moisturising sponge to prevent pigments from drying. 

UNICA automatic dispenser parameters:

  • Flow rate: 0.3 Lt./min (*)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% - min. 1/384 fl. oz. (0.077 cc) (*)
  • Pigment recirculation.
  • Ergonomic height of the dispensing point.
  • Programmable stirring and recirculation cycles
  • Dimensions: width: 700 depth: 920 height: 1175 mm; Weight: 180 kg.
  • The operation is described in the manual (available in Polish)

UNICA automatic dispenser benefits:

  • Stainless steel piston pumps: Do not alter the chemical and mechanical characteristics of the pigments (contrary to gear pumps)
  • Do not require recalibrating at a later stage
  • Reliable also when "tough" pigments are used. Have a significantly longer service life than gear pumps. Due to recirculation of each circuit, pigments are always homogenised.
  • More effective stirrers (capable of cleaning the cannister walls and bottom) that prevent sedimentation. All electrical systems are protected against splashing thanks to a cover.
  • Excellent ergonomy: due to the height (1370 mm), you can fill the canisters or check their content easily.
  • Easy to use: all external panels can be quickly removed to enable easy access to all machine parts.



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