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General-purpose concentrated acrylic primer

Next-generation colourless concentrated acrylic primer, intended for indoor and outdoor use. MFA Classic improves the substrate and its adhesiveness, and reduces the absorbency, increasing the coverage and facilitating application of further layers of paint and plaster.

MFA Classic can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its high quality and numerous applications. Can be applied to

  • all kinds of mineral substrates,
  • cement-lime plasters,
  • concrete, fibre cement,
  • putties,
  • gypsum-carton boards, screed, etc.

Recommended to new substrates and substrates in the maintenance phase.


  • improves adhesiveness and substrate, making application of further products easier,
  • compatible with all kinds of indoor and outdoor water-based paints,
  • good adhesiveness to various substrates,
  • regulates the absorbency of mineral substrates.

General application principles

All work on a given substrate should be performed and finished with products from the same production batch, with the same serial number, as there may be slight differences in the base that may affect the final colour and effect. The instructions to perform the work in a professional manner are based on basic occupational health and safety rules, and guidelines described in the following sheets: technical, application system, adapting work to conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity, drafts, etc.), and proper surface preparation.

Before we begin painting, it is very important to verify the technical condition of the substrate and follow the guidelines related to its proper preparation. The substrate should be: stable, dry, cleaned, all cavities should be filled and any fungi should be removed if necessary. Dust must be removed from the surface, as well as any built up dirt and grease. If the surface does not meet the requirements, old layers of paint, which should adhere to the substrate well and endure the adhesiveness of the new finish, must be removed mechanically. When working on mineral textures that have never been painted, ensure they are clean and free of defects (new plasters should be painted after 3-4 weeks of stabilisation or after the time indicated by the producer of the plaster, putty, filler, etc.)

In order to achieve a level and homogeneous surface on a given substrate, the work should be performed by a single person using the same tools, with a short application time (without pauses) for each coat so the whole wall may be covered with wet paint.

The final effect depends on the user's skills, tools, and the amount of product applied. Therefore, the efficiency, samples, and other parameters presented here are illustrative and approximate only, calculated based on several years of experience and research, applicable to optimal climatic conditions (approx. +23°C and 65% humidity). The parameters may change in other conditions. However, due to a great variety of substrates and application conditions, it is necessary to verify the product and its effectiveness by testing it individually under given conditions.

If the surface requires washing, the whole wall must be washed with similar motions and using the same tools and liquids. Wash the tools with water immediately after use. ECORSON is not responsible for non-intended use of the product and uses inconsistent with the principles, also when used beyond our reasonable control.

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Drying time: 4-6h
Numbers of layers: 1
Colors: colourless, uncoloured
Packaging: 1L/ 5L/ 20L
Storage: +5oC - +30oC
Temp. application: +10oC - +30oC
Efficiency: 1:3: 30m2/l
1:4: 40m2/l
Application: indoors and outdoors
Imposition: brush (wide brush), paint brush, spraying
Thinning: for paints: 4l of water per 1l of product
for plasters: 3l of water per 1l of product
max. 6l of water per 1l of product
Customs tariff: 32091000
Consuption: 1:3: 0,03 l/m2
1:4: 0,025l/m2

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