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Metalfin is a designer decorative compound that is thinned with water and based on acrylic and polyurethane resins, with natural metal additives that comprise approx. 80% of the product. The compound is enhanced with quartz particles. Can be used to produce various textures, allowing you to design your interiors and accessories in many varying ways. To create the desired pattern, grind the surface with sandpaper type 320-1200 and/or add gloss with a trowel. Available in several types and colours due to different content of metals: BRONZO, OLD BRONZO, DARK RAME, OLIVE, BRASS, OLD BRASS, GOLD BRASS, ROSE, NICKEL, BEIGE, ALU, OLD ALU. Each type can be applied using different tools, i.e. trowel, paint brush, steel scraper, roller, and by spraying. Enables you to create an interesting and fashionable metallic effect. It is easy to apply, work on, grind, and add gloss, providing unlimited possibilities, crucial while designing individual interiors. Goes very well with natural decorative elements such as stone, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, and with other ECORSON products as well. Enriches the interior and adds a unique touch. Requires preserving with varnish intended for Metalfin to increase resistance to dirt. Although it is intended for interiors, it can be also used outdoors. However, keep in mind that weather conditions and natural oxidation processes may affect its appearance and cause discolouration. When applied, the varnish can stop the process at a certain stage.

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Drying time: 24h
total resistance after 28 days
Numbers of layers: 1
Colors: finished colours: bronzo, old bronzo, dark rame, olive, brass, old brass, gold brass, rose, nickel, beige, alu, old alu
Packaging: 1KG/ 3KG/ 5KG
Storage: +5oC - +30oC
Temp. application: +10oC - +30oC
Efficiency: 1m2/kg
Bases: -
Imposition: INOX trowel
Thinning: ready to use
Customs tariff: 32091000
Consuption: 1kg/m2

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